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When and Why Arise "Response Error" Problem?

response error

You can get a message “Response Error, contact with the author or update the plugin or theme” in Elite Licenser if you have 3 problems with your system. Elite Licenser is not responsible for this message. For some of our mistakes and some missed options, this message can be won by the elite.
Of course, there is no need to panic. You can easily solve this problem yourself. So let’s take a look at what 3 reasons Elite can send this message.

1. Permalink Settings

2. Firewall Stuck

3. Response Error

1. Permalink Settings


One of the main reasons for getting a response error message from the Elite Licenser is this wrong permalinks error. You may have received this message if your WordPress Permalinks option is not in the “Post Name”. So to handle this error message, please change the permalinks of your site and select the Post Name option. 

You will find this setting in,

Settings > Permalinks > Post Name

Sometimes it may be that your permalinks Post Name is selected, but you still get this error message. What to do then?
Many times WordPress caches a lot of things. Maybe it’s caching your previous permalinks for which it’s happening. So after clearing the cache, select another option and save it, then select the post name again and save it. This can solve the problem.
Again, there is no need to think that Response Error is only coming for Permalinks. There are two other system errors for which this could be, so let’s look at the other two problems.

2. Firewall Stucking

Sometimes, the firewall of the server you are using for Elite Licenser may interfere with your licensing. Maybe your server’s Firewall Licensing Encryption is stuck as a virus, which is not the fault of the Elite Licenser.
The only solution is to contact your server admin and release an encrypted file if it interferes.
Again, many people use Cloudflare. It could also be that Cloudflare’s security is incorrectly blocking the license, which can lead to this erroneous message.

3. Response Error

We know that Elite Licenser is a server-based license manager software. This license manager software requires a server. When it produces a license and produces a product, that product is ready to be installed on a server. This “Response Error” message can come if the response between the server of the licensed product and the server of Elite is interrupted or the correct connection cannot be replaced. This problem will only occur if the request from the elite does not respond properly to the server of its licensed product. So first make sure that the server response and request exchange are going well?


Lastly, the “Response Error” message has no reason to panic. Not only this, Appsbd is always ready to give maximum support to their clients in any problem. If you are facing any such problem, then the support of Appsbd Always is open for you. And please don’t think that the message “Response Error” is caused by Elite. Elite is not to blame for this error. Why this error message happened, is beautifully presented above.

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