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Member Area and Coupon Management

Introducing our Member Area with Coupon Management feature! With this addition, you can

now easily manage licenses, coupons within this platform. Enjoy the convenience of creating,

editing, and tracking coupon codes for your users. Upgrade your experience with our addon

and take advantage of the License management and Coupon Management functionality today!

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What is member Area ?
why you need need this

Members Area refers to a restricted area of a website accessible only to registered members or customers. It usually provides license details and helps customers manage their own licenses. You can also effectively managing coupons for deal site platforms like Appsumo , Pitchground and others platform that deals with coupon. You have the ability to effectively manage coupons with various features like creating new coupons, generating unique coupon codes and conveniently importing and exporting coupon data.

Impressive Features

Member Area

Now customers can access and manage their product using their license key. They have full control over their product and can make desired changes and modifications.

Download Product
You can access and download the latest version of the product from the panel whenever an update is available.
Stack more code
Members can upgrade their product by stacking from deal sites and using additional code. This allows them to take advantage of the upgradeable features.
Reset or Remove Domain
Members have the flexibility to transfer their product to another domain effortlessly by simply removing the license key and applying it to the new domain.
Product Details
In the Member area, you have a product dashboard that shows all your products. It provides details such as License key, License type, Status, Expiry date, Support expiry date, and more.
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Coupon Management

The coupon management module allows you to view a comprehensive list of all available coupons. Additionally, you can create new coupons, generate unique coupon codes, and import or export coupon data.

Add Single Coupon
You have the ability to create a custom coupon according to your preferences.
Generate Coupon
You can generate an unlimited number of coupons, saving you valuable time in the process.
Import Coupon
Importing coupons allows you to add a large number of coupons to your system at once, rather than creating them individually.
Export Coupon
Exporting coupons saves the coupon data in a format like a spreadsheet or CSV file. This file can be shared for others to import into their systems.
Elite Licenser website its a sum of element for animation
Elite Licenser website its round eclipse for more interactive design

Integrate Elite Licensor

On the member panel you can also integrate the elite licensor with API. Also you can set  coupon rules and create  product download links. You can see the generated license details from here.

API Setting
You can integrate the license manager Elite Licensor, gaining access to all elite licensors' products. This enhances the functionality of member areas significantly.
Coupon Rule
In the coupon rule feature, you can set access rules for elite licensor products based on the number of coupons allotted.
Download Link
In the download link Feature, you can upload your product to WP media or provide a custom download link for customers to directly download the product.
Generated License
You can view the list of generated license keys and access all the detailed information associated with each key from this Feature.
Elite Licenser website its round eclipse for more interactive design
Elite Licenser website its a sum of element for animation

Customizable Setting

You have various customization options available. You can obtain a short code and personalize both the thank you template and email template according to your preferences.

Enable Email options
Here, you can enable welcome emails, password reset emails and set the reCAPTCHA settings.
With this feature, you have the flexibility to utilize the member area and coupon registration shortcode on any desired page.
Thank you Message Template
Feel free to customize the thank you message template and include any necessary properties as per your preferences.
Email Template
You have the flexibility to design the email template as per your preference. Additionally, you can include any necessary properties you require.
Elite Licenser website its a sum of element for animation
Elite Licenser website its round eclipse for more interactive design

Client Panel Settings

Turn your member area into a full app mode feature. Set custom redirect links for the app, password recovery, and registration. Customize the thank you message and email template to match your desired messaging.

Make Full App Mode
With this feature, you can execute your entire application within a single page, creating a headless environment.
Redirect Custom link
You can customize password retrieval and registration links in your application. URL customization is available for your convenience.
Reset Password Email Template
You can customize the reset password email to your preferences. When a customer requests a password reset, they will receive an email based on your chosen template.
Registration Email Template
You can customize the registration email content as desired. Upon customer registration, they will receive an email using the template you have set for registration.
Elite Licenser website its a sum of element for animation
Elite Licenser website its round eclipse for more interactive design

Other Features

You will have access to several distinct features, including a remarkable dashboard, category management, coupon registration form, and a list of registered coupons.

Wonderful Dashboard
The dashboard provides an overview of the total usable coupons, total coupon usage, and the ability to view coupon chat based on their respective categories.
You have the freedom to create categories according to your preferences. Additionally, you can update or delete them as needed.
Registration Coupon
You can redeem your coupon through the redemption form. Upon redemption, you will receive an email containing all the information about your product.
Coupon Registration List
In the coupon registration section, you will find a comprehensive list of all used coupons. From this panel, you can view the details of each coupon.
Elite Licenser website its round eclipse for more interactive design
Elite Licenser website its a sum of element for animation

Play the Video to get more knowledge

The Member Area addon offers a comprehensive review video, allowing you to learn how to independently manage your licensee, efficiently handle coupons, integrate with elite licensors, and much more. Now, you have the opportunity to access valuable insights and resources to enhance your experience and make the most out of the platform’s features.

Play Video

Our Pricing

Single Yearly

$59 $ 39 Yearly
  • Single Domain
  • Member Area
  • Update Product Package
  • Reset Or Remove Domain
  • Generate Unlimited Coupon
  • Import And Export Coupon
  • Integrate With Elite Licensor
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Premium Support

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Appsbd always believes in money back. This protects the customer’s promise and gives the customer good confidence to purchase the product. Through which the quality of the product is also revealed.
Elite licenser website its a moving animation
Elite licenser website its a moving animation

Frequently Ask Questions?

All the answers below are for our clients who want to know better about Member Area Addon

What is the Member Area?

The Member Area is a dedicated section of our platform that provides exclusive access and features to registered members.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you can sign up or register on our platform using the designated registration process. Once registered, you will gain access to the Member Area.

How do I access the Member Area?

Once you have registered as a member, you can log in to our platform using your unique credentials. Upon successful login, you will have direct access to the Member Area.

What benefits do I get as a member?

As a member, you enjoy various benefits such as exclusive content, priority customer support, and access to additional features or resources.

Can I manage my account settings within this addon?

Yes, the Member Area allows you to manage your account settings, including view personal information, changing passwords preferences.

How do I utilize the Coupon Management feature within the Member Panel Module?

The Coupon Management feature enables you to create, edit, and track coupon codes within the Member Panel Module. You can apply these coupons during purchases to avail special discounts or benefits.

Are there any limitations on coupon usage in this addon?

Coupon usage may be subject to certain terms and conditions, including expiration dates, usage limits, and specific product or service eligibility.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the Member Area, you can reach out to our dedicated support team. They will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary guidance.